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Join me for a rhythmical, meditative journey, a playful, challenging exploration into body, mind and soul using drums, steps and claps, shakers and voice.


Using different rhythmical patterns you will be supported to grow more body awareness, allowing you to open up to a sense of freedom whatever your experience or ability. Starting energetically we will move towards a place of inner stillness.


No musical skill is necessary just an openness to explore.

Please contact me for group/corporate workshops or one to one sessions.


Simon H

Mat is the ideal teacher being knowledgeable, polite and forever patient providing a wonderful friendly platform to engage and assist me in my musical vision. His teaching technique allows my independence but with his gentle influence in the correct direction! I would highly recommend him to any potential student young or old with similar goals to myself.

Natalie V-B

Mat is very knowledgeable but has the gift of being able to teach what he knows and simplify things to facilitate understanding. He is also kind and patient. 

Olivia S-L

Learning beginner ukulele as an adult could have been awkward, but Mat is a brilliant teacher, patient and gifted and our weekly lessons are excellent value and a joy .  Thank you Mat. Easily one of the best things I did last year!

Olenka R-P

Mat is an incredibly passionate and creative musician that is helping me to learn how to play the guitar with joy, how to improvised and put so much flavour into the songs I like to play.

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