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Mat is a singer/songerwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His primary instruments are bouzouki, guitar and percussion. His devotional lyrics and soulful voice are often described as moving and evocative.

Mat performs solo, singing devotional folk, as well as collaborating with a variety of inspirational musicians. His passion for African and devotional music has led him to perform and record with a diverse range of bands and musicians including Senegalese Sufi Fusion Band - Bakk Lamp Fall, Kora player Jali Burama Mbye and most recently as one half of Bhavana (Kirtan). He has also worked with Lady Smith Black Mambazo & Soul Drummers and Orishirishi (Island Monkey).

Mat's early years were spent living and traveling through Southern African which inspired a deep love of African music and rhythms. During his twenties he travelled and studied music through India, Spain and Morocco while developing an interest in meditation and the healing arts. This journey has influenced his music deeply.

He has studied with Glen Velez (world renowned frame drummer) , Reinhart Flatishler (TaKeTiNa), Lori Cottler, Quim Gironel,  Guitar Institute London and facilitators of The Naked Voice.

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